Personal injury happens in many ways. The sudden shock of being injured may scramble your rationale on what to do next. You should always have your emergency numbers for family members and local services readily available in your cellphone, car, house, and/or office in case you find yourself in a personal injury accident. Below are a few steps to remember if you are involved in a personal injury accident, whether it's a slip-in-fall, care-taker negligence, or an automobile accident.

Taking Action After Your Accident:

  1. Slowly and carefully check to make sure that you and others are okay.
  2. If a person is unconscious or has neck or back pain (including yourself), do not move them until a qualified medical professional arrives with instructions, unless the hazard is still a threat to personal injury.
  3. Do not admit any fault or liability until the facts are established.
  4. If you are not taken to the hospital by the ambulance, be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible to examine any abnormalities or discomfort.
  5. Keep track of all of your medical treatment to have a record for the medical services received and to help support how your daily life has changed.
  6. If you are in an automobile accident, you need to stay at the scene (unless emergency medical assistance is required), take photos of property damage, call the police, call your insurance provider and exchange information with all drivers and passengers involved (name, contact number, address, license plate, driver license number, insurance information, etc.).
  7. Be sure to analyze and review all settlement offers to ensure that you will be fully compensated for all of your injuries.
  8. Consider hiring an attorney.

Remember, injuries from an accident may take days, weeks, or months to reach their maximum level of discomfort; don't shortchange yourself when it comes to seeking medical treatment. The sooner that you seek a medical provider, the sooner that you can have piece of mind about how to treat your aliments from the personal injury accident.

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